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A Kestrel in flight photographed by Clive Timmons. The Kestrel is a species of falcon which is resident in Ireland. It is a small bird of prey with long, relatively narrow wings and tail. The Kestrel has a short, hooked bill for eating meat. It usually hovers, with a fanned tail, when hunting for its prey. The male and female birds have different plumages but both sexes are recognised by their brown back and inner upperwings. Its call is repeated quickly with a series of short sharp notes. It has a diet of mainly small mammals, but will also take insects and invertebrates and sometimes birds. The Kestrel is a widespread breeder throughout the country. It nests in trees, buildings or in cracks in cliffs. Found in wide variety of open habitats including coasts, moor land, farmland, wetlands, roadside verges and town parks. . The Kestrel is easy to see at all times of the year throughout the country. Look out for them as you drive along new roads with wide, uncut verges. They will be hunting in the long grass.

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