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A captive Harris Hawk photographed by Aidan Higgins. The Harris Hawk is a medium-large bird of prey which breeds from the southwestern USA south to Chile and central Argentina. The Harris Hawk is famous for its remarkable behavior of hunting cooperatively in "packs", as most birds of prey are solitary hunters. The diet consists of small creatures including birds, lizards, mammals, and large insects. Because it will hunt in groups, the Harris's Hawk can also take down larger prey, such as jackrabbits. They nest in small trees, shrubby growth, or cacti. The nests are often compact, made of sticks, plant roots, and stems, and are often lined with leaves, moss, bark and plant roots. They are built mainly by the female. There are usually two to four white to blueish white eggs sometimes with a speckling of pale brown or grey. The wild Harris's Hawk population is declining due to habitat loss.

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