Animals + Wildlife Barrow's Goldeneye
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Copyright: Birdwatch Ireland
Image Size: 1000 x 664    Uploaded on: 02/12/2008
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Licence: Creative Commons Licence

Barrow's Goldeneye is a medium-sized sea duck. This bird was named after Sir John Barrow. Adults are similar in appearance to the Common Goldeneye. Adult males have a dark head with a purplish gloss and a white crescent at the front of the face. Adult females have a yellow bill. Their breeding habitat is wooded lakes and ponds primarily in northwestern North America. They are migratory and spends most winters in protected coastal waters or open inland waters. For winter, it migrates to the coast. They are diving birds and forage underwater. They eat aquatic insects, crustaceans and pond vegetation. They nest in cavities in trees, also in burrows or protected sites on the ground. This photo was taken by Bill Quinn.

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